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Services and Rates

Copy editing and proofreading

I copy edit and proofread book-length manuscripts for university presses and trade publishers. I am an expert in Chicago style and industry standards. Please visit my Selected Projects page to see examples of my work.

I usually provide estimates in the form of a project fee rather than a per-word or per-hour rate. My minimum fee is $500, regardless of the service provided or the length of the manuscript. Please get in touch to discuss an estimate.


As a consultant, I can help with:

  • Improving and updating your organization’s style guide
  • Drafting and finessing grant applications
  • Understanding and planning for the editing process
  • Researching specific editorial questions
  • Estimating editorial budgets for your project

Please get in touch to discuss your project and my availability. If I’m not available or can’t help you with your question, I may be able to refer you to someone who can or point you to a further resource. Consulting fees vary considerably based on a number of factors.

I have some limited availability for speaking engagements. I am currently not available for substantive or developmental edits or for sensitivity reads.