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I copy edit and proofread book-length manuscripts, most commonly for university presses and trade publishers. I am highly proficient in Chicago style and happy to accommodate diverse house styles.

Fees and Rates

Please get in touch to discuss an estimate. I usually charge a project fee or a rate per word. My fees and rates differ for each contract, depending on a number of factors. My minimum charge is $300, regardless of the service provided or the length of the manuscript.

I may request a non-refundable booking deposit to secure my availability. This deposit goes toward the total charge and is not an additional fee.

Working With Me

I usually submit markup digitally in Microsoft Word (for copy edits) or Adobe Acrobat (for proofreading), but am happy to work on hard copy if you prefer.

During the editing process, I am available via email, phone, or text. I ask clear, concise questions, and make sure to query recurring issues before making any repetitive changes. I alert the client immediately if I notice any issues that could affect the publishing schedule. When submitting my files, I provide a detailed and organized style sheet summarizing the changes I have made, providing rationales or relevant references, and pointing out any issues that require further attention.

Typically, my copy editing fee includes one round of edits plus one round of author feedback. First, you’ll receive the Word document with all of my changes tracked, accompanied by my style sheet. You’ll then have a chance to respond to my clarifying questions and to approve or reject my suggested edits. I will incorporate your answers and all of the approved changes, and reverse any rejected changes. You’ll receive a copy of the file with changes tracked, a “clean” copy with all tracked changes and comments resolved, and an updated style sheet.

My proofreading fee includes one round of proofreads. You’ll receive the marked-up PDF and my style sheet. I will of course be available to answer any remaining questions you have about my changes.

If the file is not ready for me by our agreed start date, I may request a late fee. All fee and schedule details, including deadlines and invoice date(s), will be agreed at time of booking.

Some of the questions I may ask about your project are:

What service or services do you need?

When will you be able to send me the files? What is your deadline for me to return the files?

What is the approximate word count?

What is the topic, subject, and/or genre of the work?

In addition to the main copy, are there any additional pieces that I will be responsible for (ie. image captions, reference lists, front and back matter)?

Who will I be in touch with if I have questions during the editing process?